Favorite T-Shirt

Here is a shot of one of my favorite t-shirts. I got this in Krakow, Poland and reminds me of the vehicle I would see daily while walking everywhere.  The vehicle I am referring to is the Fiat Polska. I wish I would have taken the opportunity to actually rent one for a day and drive it around.

Don’t shoot

When I returned to Zakopane, Poland this past weekend I took another shot at a photo op with one of the locals. I paid 5 Zloty last time to have my photo with a certain character and opted to do it again this trip for the same amount. The only difference is that he had a wig this trip. There was another photo op with this guy, but the gun was aimed someplace else and I could not post it in case someone got offended.

Krakow at Night.

Here is another try at a 360 degree Panoramic using PT Gui of the Rynek Glowny (Main Square) in Krakow, Poland. The smaller image is on this page, but for the full size image go to Flickr.com. This Panoramic is a compilation of over 30 photos.


While in Zakopane, Poland I smelled something that was great. I could not figure out where it was coming from, but I let my nose lead the way. The smell was a Gofry, which in essence is a Belgian waffle with whipped cream and chocolate. You did have your choice of toppings, but I chose chocolate.

Where to sit

I like the way the movie tickets are sold here in Krakow. When you get to the ticket counter you look at a screen and pick where you want to sit and the screen tells you what seat has already been purchased. Below is a photo of the screen that might not be that clear. Red means the seat is taken and blue means it is available. I wish we had this in the states, because if there were not anymore good seats I would either see another movie or go somewhere else.

And another thing, I did not here one cell phone in the theater or anyone talking.

"Apocalypto" in Krakow, Poland

This evening I went to go see a movie here in Krakow, Poland with a few Polish co-workers. The movie was “Apocalypto” and it was in the original Mayan language with Polish sub-titles.

You may be asking how did you know what the movie is about if you didn’t understand what you were listening to and were not able to read the sub-titles. Well, the answer to that is pretty simple. You almost did not need any sound (voices) or sub-titles to really know what was going on in the movie.

All in all the movie was pretty good.

Zakopane again.

I returned to Zakopane this past weekend. More shopping than sightseeing as the prices in Zakopane are almost half the price than in Krakow. Most of the items purchased were either wood products or fur.

If you go shopping in Krakow for souvenirs I would suggest going to Zakopane only 2 hours away. You can buy everything offered in Krakow except for amber.

I did do my fair share of sightseeing and took a good number of fotos. They can be found at Flickr.com. Of course, they might not all be there yet as the server connection at the hotel is not the best.