Help me reach my goal!!

For those that do not know, I have been back on the bike after being off of it for 6 plus year.  I am riding with the IP Cycling team and raising money for MS.  My goal is $2000, which I met and past last year.  This year, I am not doing so hot. 

My goal is $2000 and I have over $1300 to go.  Help me reach my goal and donate anything you can. Dontate at the link below.


Bicycle Furniture

I was surfing the internet the other night and found this great bicycle furniture site called Bike Furniture Design . They have tables, chairs, and bar stools. The interesting part that Tony Roy will probably entertain purchasing the office chair. Heck, I would even consider the office chair as long as it did not cost an arm and a leg.

From what I understand you can even pick what bicycle parts manufacturer you want your furniture made out of by Bike Furniture Design. Of course this will cost you a little extra. My guess is that all carbon fiber furniture might be out of the questions. Sorry Tony, there just would not be anywhere to weld it together.

Bicycle Mime

I was walking back to the hotel in Krakow off of Grodska Street and saw this mime on a bicycle. This is actually the first time I have ever seen a mime on a bicycle. He only moved if you put money in his little cup. So I put 2 Zloty in the cup and he did a left turn signal in a robot type motion.

Cycling in Krakow

This past Sunday, September 3, instead of going into the office I ventured out with 2 Co-workers Brian and Tracee W. Our original plan was to hop on a few of the hotel scooter for 5 hours at $20 . Unfortunately it had recently rained and we did not feel comfortable riding scooter in Krakow traffic and slick roads. So, Brian suggested we rent some bicycles for a few hours. We spent about 3 hours cruising tthrough Krakow, starting with the Planty and ending mostly on the Wisla River. We did stop at the Someplace Else at the Sheraton for a bite to eat and something to drink.

All in all it was a great day and am glad to have ridden through Krakow with others. Below is a photo of me with the Wisla in the background.

Me riding.

If you remember a few post back, I was really wanting a Classic Pennyfarthing Replica Bicycle. Well today, while being a spectator at the Tour de Krakow (not sure what the name of the race actually was) I saw a group of guys dressed in old time apparel with the bicycles. I asked if I could get on one of them as there were lots of people doing this. So for your enjoyment, below is a photo of me on the bicycle.

Crazy Fans

I am all for spectators being as close to the Pro athletes, as I hope to be able to go to the France one day to see the Tour de France live. I would enjoy being one of the Crazy Fans, but I know that their needs to be some self restraint.

This year there have been a few incidents. The most recent one happening to Paolo Savoldelli of the Discovery Team. “The double Giro d’Italia champion stepped off his bike after 43 kms. The Discovery Channel rider was hit on the head by a spectator on Thursday and had to get stitched up by the Tour’s medical staff overnight.”

There was even another incident in the first few stage where someone crashed due to a fan dropping their camera phone causing the rider to crash.

And if you followed Lance Armstrong’s’ career, you know he was knocked off the bicycle by a fan by getting caught in the strap to the fans bag on an attack against Jan Ullrich.

So, do they need to monitor the Tour de France more to ensure the safety of the participants. My answer on this is yes. If I were in the Tour or any major race, I would not want to be knocked down off the bike by a fan causing me to drop out of the biggest bike race of the year. Now, I am not saying clear the road completely, but at least give the riders 10 feet of clearance from spectators.

Quote found at

Bicycle ride in Krakow, Poland

Sunday, June 18th I tried waking up around 8am, but my body just would not have it. I actually woke up around 11 am, showered and made my way to Rent-a-Bike. I told they guy that I would b renting the bike the entire day and planned to ride to Kosciusko Mound and then the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Well, I was not able to locate the Mound and after 3 hours of riding a bike with gears that did not work, I opted to return the bike. But before then, I proceeded to ride to the Wawel Castle and sit out on the banks of the Visla River with a “Coke and a Smile” to enjoy the sun. After that, I just walked around to see if there was anything I have not seen yet in all my visits to Krakow, Poland.

Bicycle Rider

Strolling through the Main Square in Krakow, Poland I spotted this guy walking his bicycle around for a bit. I stalked him to see if I could catch him actually riding it, but I had not luck. I am hoping he will be out next weekend to see if I can get a better picture or even see if he will let me sit on the bike and can my own photo taken on it. Of course, I would be supporting myseld to a post or a wall.

Rent-a-Bike or Buy-a-Bike?

I had plans to purchase a used bicycle for $100, but while walking through Krakow, Poland today I saw a bicycle locked up to a post bill an ad on it for Rent-a-Bike. Since I am going to be coming back a few times the cost of buying one might be better than actually renting one. The bike rental is a45 Zloty which is close to $15.

In the meantime, I do have plans to rent-a-bike Easter Weekend to cruise around town. Of course I could be like Tony Roy and rent myself a scooter from the same people that rent the bicycles. Either way I go, I will be sure to post a photo of the bicycle or scooter.

Stanky Ride

Ryan and I rode a lap of the Stanky Creek Trail today after not being on the bike for quite a while. It was a nice one hour and 10 minutes. Great ride and glad to have been on the bike. I did feel the burn a little in my legs and will probably wake up Sunday Saddle Sore.

Stanky Creek was in great condition and all creek crossing has bridges. Thanks to MSTA . I hope they keep up the good work. I look forward to riding Herb Parsons and seeing all the improvements made by MSTA.

The Skyway

Here is an event I would definately start training for just to be able to say that I did it. The first of its kind took place on February 8th in St. Paul, Minnesota. It is actually a bicycle reace that takes place in the St. Paul Skyways.

At first, I thought this was a hoax when I saw it posted at MSTA, but actually found more information at Minnesota Off Road Cyclist and some video at WCCO-TV .

If anyone is interested, we need to start doing some research on when it will be held next year and finding a way to enter the race/ride.

Stanky Ride

I am looking forward to tomorrow. I will actually be riding my mountian bike after being off it for a long, long time. Ryan and I will be hitting the Stanky Creek Trail in the am. I need to prepare and get those tires and shox aired up.

Here is what I will be riding.