Favorite T-Shirt

Here is a shot of one of my favorite t-shirts. I got this in Krakow, Poland and reminds me of the vehicle I would see daily while walking everywhere.  The vehicle I am referring to is the Fiat Polska. I wish I would have taken the opportunity to actually rent one for a day and drive it around.

How to get to Krakow, Poland from Memphis, TN

Someone sent me a link earlier today on how to get to London from Chicago. The results were kinda funny. So, I entered my own criteria “How to get to Krakow, Poland from Memphis, TN”.

Here is a direct link to my Google Map.

Be sure to read step 20 in the driving directions.

Unfortunatly I was unable to find driving direction to anywhere in South America.

Random Krakow Photo

Here is a photo I came across from my last trip to Krakow, Poland in January 2006. It is a head statue located in the Rynek Glowny. Most tourist like myself will get inside and have their pictures taken inside peaking out. Bad part is that those drunk at night figure it is their public toilet. So be careful walking in as you never know what you will set in while in there. Lucky me I saw the mess inside and avoided stepping in it.

Krakow at Night.

Here is another try at a 360 degree Panoramic using PT Gui of the Rynek Glowny (Main Square) in Krakow, Poland. The smaller image is on this page, but for the full size image go to Flickr.com. This Panoramic is a compilation of over 30 photos.

Where to sit

I like the way the movie tickets are sold here in Krakow. When you get to the ticket counter you look at a screen and pick where you want to sit and the screen tells you what seat has already been purchased. Below is a photo of the screen that might not be that clear. Red means the seat is taken and blue means it is available. I wish we had this in the states, because if there were not anymore good seats I would either see another movie or go somewhere else.

And another thing, I did not here one cell phone in the theater or anyone talking.

"Apocalypto" in Krakow, Poland

This evening I went to go see a movie here in Krakow, Poland with a few Polish co-workers. The movie was “Apocalypto” and it was in the original Mayan language with Polish sub-titles.

You may be asking how did you know what the movie is about if you didn’t understand what you were listening to and were not able to read the sub-titles. Well, the answer to that is pretty simple. You almost did not need any sound (voices) or sub-titles to really know what was going on in the movie.

All in all the movie was pretty good.

First Class Ticket to Ride

On my most recent and possibly last trip to the great city of Krakow, Poland I was lucky to be able to upgrade to First Class on Delta. I was actually able to get upgraded to First Class on 2 connections.

The first one lasting only 50 minutes from Memphis to Atlanta. Did not really feel like First Class because the flight was shorter than normal that they opted not to serve drinks. I will say that the seats were well worth being up-graded.

The second one lasting almost 9 hours from Atlanta to Milan. The seats reclined all the way and no one sat next to me. The food was great as was being able to choose from over 10 movies instead of getting stuck watching one you have already seen.

The bad part of it all is that when I arrive to Krakow, Poland for the 10th time my bags did not arrive with me. Luckily, I packed some spare clothing in my carry on.

I have been approached to stay an extra week here in the great city of Krakow, Poland. I wonder if I can get lucky and get an up-graded ticket when I change my flight. Wish me luck.