House Update

It has been over a month since my last post. As you guessed it, I have been very busy on the new home. So here is the update along with some nice photos before and after.
The bathrooms have been painted and are fully functional. The pink bathroom has been painted with a light tan faux finish and the light green has been painted a different color green. The faucets being changed out is a future project, as is installing a ceiling vent. The rigged up shelves in the bathroom were a painted pine and have been replaced with 1 piece laminate.

The hunter green bedroom has been painted to a blue on the bottom and a light grey on the top. The vents were replaced as they were nasty.

The kitchen and laundry rooms are finally complete. The countertops finally arrived and were installed the past Friday. It made a huge difference.

Still have not put up the dry wall in the garage or installed my cabinets and drawers. My goal is to try and have that complete by the end of the summer.

So far I am still moving things into the house. I plan to have everything moved soon.

Below are some photos of the kitchen. The first shot is a before, and the next 2 are the after.


Spices and everything nice…

For the past year, I haven been driving in the Carefour Mall on Poplar and Kirby. The other day, I fininally stopped by to take a look. The store I popped into was Penzeys Spices. They have every kind of spice and herb you could imagine for cooking and they are much fresher than the once at the local grocery store. I believe I spent close to $70.

My favorite so far is the Sandwich Sprinkle. Go pick up some herbs and spices.