Hmmm, Hmmm, Good.

Working in a cubicle farm, you get treated to lots of snacks. One of my top favorites is Dove Chocolate of the dark kind. And recently I was able to find a new treat of the frozen kind. Dove has a new product out there and it perfect. Weird part is that I seem to be the only person at work that has ever seen it. The Dove of the frozen kind I am talking about are Dove Minatures. They are the perfect small after dinner treat. Give them a taste.

Time Change

Well, get ready. The day is coming that I hate and love. Daylight Saving Time . I look forward to the time change because it means longer days and more sunlight. I hate it because I have to wake up earlier. Not bad, but it takes me about a week to get used to the new time and by then I will be heading back to Krakow, Poland to get used to a 6 hour time change.

So don’t forget to change you clock on April 2.


Lat night, I was sitting there in front of the TV watching the show “unwrapped” on the Food TV. One of the “unwrapped” foods was Biota and how there water bottles are Biodegradable. 80 days after drinking it, the bottle is nothing but dirt. Go to Biota Bottle to learn why this happens.
Go to Biota Video to see the video of the bottle decomposing.

I thought this was a pretty good concept and wondered why a small water company could do this, but the big dogs like Pepsi and Coke could not find a way to do this. I am guessing that it is not cost effective for the big dogs to do this and that is why they have never pursued it.

Commi Tour

If you know me or have read past post, you know that I have been to Krakow, Poland a few times and scheduled to return in the very near future. I have racked my brain trying to find things to do on my down time.

I was able to find a Commi Tour. They drive you around the old Communist parts of Krakow, Poland in a authenic Commi car (found below).

Click here for more information on the Commi Tour.

10 days and not a drink.

For those that do not know me, I am not talking about alchohol. I am really trying hard to quit drinking Mountain Dew So far, I have not had a Mountain Dew for 10 days. I have replaced it with Dasani Water.

It will be even tougher when I go to Krakow, Poland to keep away from the Dew especially with the time difference.

Wish me luck.

American Idol, not.

I am not much of an American Idol fan, but I have flipped through the channels and watched a portion of the show. I have seen this guy Kevin and I do not believe he is idol material. He might be perfect for the Nickleodeon. Vote for the Worst seems to have lots of people that feel the same way I do about Chiken Little.


I was online looking for the Mexican horn that plays ” La Cucaracha“, just to see if it was out there. I looked at JC Whitney to see if they had the horn and typed in the word “mexican”. To my surprise, a horn did not pop up on the page. Instead Glasscapes Window Graphics popped up.

What is JC Whitney trying to say? Do only Mexicans use Window Graphics?

Here is the link and a screen shot.

Glasscapes Window Graphics