Wet Jeep

There is only one negative to owning a Jeep Wrangler in Memphis, TN in the summer and that is scattered showers. If you live in Memphis, you know what I am taking about. It could be raining in your front yard but not in your back yard. Yesterday was great Jeep with the top down weather. The temperature was in the upper 90’s and the sun was blasting. Well, I should have know from the weather forecast and Memphis weather history to be on my toes and expect what was to happen next.

I walked into Lowe’s to get some supplies and while I was paying I could hear the rain on the warehouse roof. Luckily, there was not one behind me in line so I told the clerk to hold on one second while I go put my top up. I ran outside and you would have thought that there was a tornado out there from the rain and wind. I got the top up and walked into Lowe’s soaking wet and finished paying. I then ran my supplies to the Jeep as it was still pouring down. Started up the Jeep and drove down the road and the rain stopped completely. The rain only lasted 5-10 minutes, but I drove away soaked. Good thing is that it was a warm day and my Jeep was able to dry out quickly.

"Don’t mess with the bull, young man. You’ll get the horns"

The principal from the “Breakfast Club” Paul Gleason died Monday. More can be found at Yahoo News!. The below is not from the “Breakfast Club”, but you remember the scene.

Pops in Memphis Magazine Top Docs Issue

Pick up your latest issue of “Memphis Magazine” and turn to page 44 and you will see my pops. He was voted as being one the best doctors in Memphis, TN for Neurology. The article is in the June 2006 issue “Memphis Magazine“. I was also able to find him in the 2002 Issue, but not any other even though I know he was in their last year and many previous years.

A direct link to the photo can be found at flickr.com.

More on my pops can be found at UT Memphis and Methodist.

Visit where he works at Wesley Neurological Clinic

You can also check out his book called Clinical Evaluation and Diagnostic Tests in Neuromuscular Disorders and keep and eye open for his newest book I helped him with in the near future.


I was on my way to the car tonight and saw this little critter on the wall to the garage. It looks like a tree frog, which I have never ever seen here in Memphis, TN. At first I though it was a very large moth, until I got closer. I always see the regular spotted frogs out in the yard. This is the first time I have seen this type of frog here.

Free Ipod!!!

Can’t afford an ipod. Well go to the below link to get your free ipod. You can even pick the color you want. How cool is that?

Free ipod

No change in my pocket going jing-a-ling-a-ling.

Here is a concept I wish would take place everywhere. I hate having change in my pocket, especially when it wants to roll out of the pockets. Good thing I saw what is pictured below. Of course, I can only say that it is about time that something like this made it to the USA. I have seen this before on a Travel Show on the Travel Channelwhere they have had something like this for years in Japan. Japan even has a machine that allows you to call the machine and get the product you want.

I saw a drink machine in the Memphis International Airport (MEM)that allowed you to swipe you Credit Card and get a drink. Very cool. Using your card on this machine would allow you to track your beverage intake on your credit card by the purchases and avoid keeping change on you.

The bad part about all this is that the machine in Memphis International Airport (MEM) was not taking credit cards the day I was there.

Pope Benedict XVI arrives in Krakow, Poland

Looks like a missed another special event in Krakow, Poland. If I would have stayed an extra week I would have been able to see the Pope in Krakow Poland. It would have been something nice to say I have seen. It would have even been better if I was able to see him in person. Maybe I will get lucky and he will be in Poland again in the future while I am there.

Below is photo of him in the Pope Mobile.

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