Kopiec Kosciuski Wax Museum

If you ever go to Kopiec Kosciuszki (Burial Mound), never opt in to take the Wax museum tour for 8 Zloty as it is not worth it. There are only about 12 wax statues and the tour is over. Save you money and go to the Cafe FM Panorama and get some coffee or ice cream. The mound is truly the highlight.

The only impressive wax statue was that of Pope John Paul II shown below. So if you want to pay 8 zloty to see this then go ahead.

Kopiec Kosciuszki

Today I took a taxi to Kopiec Kosciuszki which is a famous burial mound here in Krakow. I climbed to the top of the mound to get a great 360 degree view of Krakow. The weather was great and the skys were clear, which made it even better. Bad part is that I was not able to get a taxi to take me back to the hotel and had to take a bus and hoof it a ways to where I was able to get a taxi.

BTW, I saw othes stand ont he rock and followed suit. So if it was not appropriate, I apologize.