Don’t shoot

When I returned to Zakopane, Poland this past weekend I took another shot at a photo op with one of the locals. I paid 5 Zloty last time to have my photo with a certain character and opted to do it again this trip for the same amount. The only difference is that he had a wig this trip. There was another photo op with this guy, but the gun was aimed someplace else and I could not post it in case someone got offended.



While in Zakopane, Poland I smelled something that was great. I could not figure out where it was coming from, but I let my nose lead the way. The smell was a Gofry, which in essence is a Belgian waffle with whipped cream and chocolate. You did have your choice of toppings, but I chose chocolate.

Zakopane again.

I returned to Zakopane this past weekend. More shopping than sightseeing as the prices in Zakopane are almost half the price than in Krakow. Most of the items purchased were either wood products or fur.

If you go shopping in Krakow for souvenirs I would suggest going to Zakopane only 2 hours away. You can buy everything offered in Krakow except for amber.

I did do my fair share of sightseeing and took a good number of fotos. They can be found at Of course, they might not all be there yet as the server connection at the hotel is not the best.

Zakopane, Poland

Today we went to Zakopane, which is similar to a ski resort in the states. Skiing has not officially begun as the ski lifts were not working. After walking around the mountain a bit we decended via the gondola to the town of Zakopane where we walked around the shops and restaurants.

While there I took the tourist type picture with a person dressed in traditional clothing and a lamb around my neck for 5 Zlotych= $1.56. I didn’t really like the gun part.

Next I had my picture taken next to the Fiat Polsky, which from what I was told is only made in Poland. It is the smallest car I have seen around here. Small cars like this seems to be the norm as many streets are very narrow.

And another instance of paying to use the restroom. This time it cost me almost 50 cents. I even for a receipt. But the view from the restroom window was well worth the 50 cents.

An as always more photos can be found at My photos