Project Update

It was a busy weekend. Lots accomplished, yet lots more to do.

Friday and Saturday daylight hours was spent tearing down fencing and buidling it back up with fresh treated pine. I even rebuilt the gate with new hardwear and made sure it actually opened and closed. I took the old Fence Company sign off polished it up and put it back up on the new fence. Below are some pics of my work.

I also replace 2 ceiling fans with Hunter Westminster Fans. The are high efficiency and brag to save over 40% off of my air conditioning cost. We will see.


Nico Swimming

Nico came over this weekend for a little dip in the pool. He had a blast. He will definitely be back to have some fun in the pool. Of course, his pops was in the pool swimming with him and having just as much fun.


After 2 years of sitting in a flower pot, my blackberry bush actually has blackberries on it. Well, they are kinda red and green at the moment but they will soon be ready for eating. I tried getting a few more, but the on and off weather we had last month killed them.

Wet Dog

This morning Ramona fell in the pool while my dad was swimming. He got her out pretty quick, but as you can tell from the photo she thought she did something bad. She has a little bit of a guilty look. Of course, it did not help that she hid in the flower bed covered with dirt. She got a nice rinse off with the water hose.

Window Tint

Well, last week I mentioned that I would post photos of the job I did on the garage windows. So, here are a few snap shots of the window tint.

Windows and Blinds

This weekend I added a few Levolor Blinds and also added some Frosted Window Tint.

The Levolor Blindswere very simple to install as I have done them before and have had the practice. I added them to what will be the computer room, garage, and living room. I will more than likely add them to the kitchen windows and a few bedrooms later. Lowe’s will cut the width to size and you can adjust the lenght to your own window.

You are probably going, “Frosted Window Tint, why?” I added the Frosted Window Tint to the garage windows. The tint makes the garage a little more private. I do not really want anyone looking in my garage to see what I have in there. Anyway, the Frosted Window Tint was very easy to install and does look good (photo to be added later). It took me about 1hour:30minutes to install the Frosted Window Tint on the 8 little garage windows, which included measuring, cutting, and installing. Light still comes in, no one can look in.

More house photos.

Here are some more shots of the crib. Pictures are of the front and the back of the house. The backyard has a huge deck which just needs a little bit of lawn furniture. That will happen after the inside is pretty much complete. Good part about the house is that the yard is actually in great condition. I just need to do some watering.
I will try to take a better picture when the sun is not too bright.

Super Model

I know Tony Roy is into fashion, but I never knew he would take it this far. He worked at Franklin Covey as the Director of eCommerce Marketing. I never new he was a model on the side while he was working there.

Below is Tony Roy in his breakout as a Super Model on the cover of the Franklin Covey catalog. I wonder if this photo was taken while he was at South Beach or in LA.