Google Spreadsheet

Well, it seems Google is trying to take over any form of software and offer it for free in their own format. They did this with Google Analytics and are now doing it with Google Spreadsheets. The cool part is that you can have your documents with you and share with anyone whenever you want to share them at anytime.

I have tested this and it seems to work pretty well. I think it just needs a little bit more for those needing more detailed spreadsheets. Now all I need is a Google Photoshop.

"Why try Harder"

There is a new Fatboy Slim album out there with all the greatest hits. Be sure to check it out.

Go to the Fatboy Slim Webpage.

Back in town

Well, I am back in Memphis. But only for a short bit as I am scheduled to return to Krakow, Poland in July. This trip I rented a bicycle and did about 3 hours of bicycle riding. The next trip I plan on possibly renting the below vehicle to say that I have actually driven a Polish car.

Of course, after mentioning this to some of the locals they mentioned that I could probably buy one of the vehicles (Fiat Polska) below for around $200 dollars. Not a bad investment as I will be returning a few more times. I will see how the rental goes before investing in a $200 car.

Go to Halfsize to see the vehicle rental information. The 500 Zloty deposit is the only part that I do not like.

Lajkonik Festival

A festival that I was hoping I would not miss is the Lajkonik Festival. Most tourist booklets did not have the correct dates. It seems this happens regularly per the Tourist Information Center. Some places had the festival posted on June 5th and others the Thursday after Corpus Cristi which was on June 22nd. I took a gamble and tracked down some details. The actual festival started near the river around noon and again in the Market Square around 6pm.

I attended the festival and took many, many pictures. I know some of them are not the best, but the guy kept moving around. Not a very large festival or not as large as I expected it to be based on the Tourist Booklets.

Check out many of the photos at My Flickr Photo Album.

Up and Running

The other day I mentioned that my battery died on my camera and I was not able to upload my photos. That was part of the story. The other part was that my hour internet time was also almost up and I did not feel like going back to the room to get my spare battery. Photos can be found at My Flickr Photo Album. Of course, if you are at my place of employment you might not have access to this page as it is blocked.


This evening I tried uploading all my photos to, but had my battery die on me. I will try again tomorrow. For those at work, you will have to access these photos from another location as it seems work has blocked

I will try to post a few here on the blog, but am not sure when I will be able to get to it while I am here. As mentioned on another post, I am a few days behind.

Way behind

I am way behind on my post. I actually have about 5 post that I am working on that I will try to back date. I plan on posting these in the next day or 2. But before I go there. While I was in the Hotel Bar posting, Barb C, Audrey J and and Tracee W. walked by to say hello.