Where has you money been?

Not sure where your money has been? Go to Where’s George?

Enter your Benjamins Serial Number and track to see where your money is going or where it has been.

Of course, the only way this will work is if everyone records their money on this website for the tracking to work properly.

So, pull all those ones out of your pocket before going to the club and enter them here at Where’s George?

Back in Memphis

I am officially back from Krakow, Poland. More work than the last trip, but still had a good time. After only 2 trips to Poland, I am now a Medallion Member.

Timbuk2 Bi-Fold

Here is something that Timbuk2 posted around Christmas, but sold out quickly. Hopefully, they have plenty in stock. I would hope that they are as strong as their messenger bags.

Sporty and compact, our new BiFold wallet features plenty of pockets for cards and cash, and an elastic strap to keep them all secure inside. See-through ID or metro card holder provides convenience on the go, and Timbuk2’s classic three-panel design in bright spring colors will add some freshness to your day.


McDonald’s Ketchup

While here in Krakow, Poland I have noticed many items that we do not have in the USA. One example is McDonald’s Ketchup I saw at the 24 hour market across from the hotel. I have even seen Snickers Peanut Butter.

Busy in Krakow, Poland

As you might have guessed by the lack of posting, I have been pretty busy here in Krakow, Poland. I have lots of photos at My Photos, but have not had a chance to label them all yet.

Below are a few photos I was will comment on in the Interim… Enjoy.

Both photos were taken in the Market Square outside of the Cloth Hall.

In Poland

I have arrived in Poland to a nice 12 degrees F. Have plenty to post and lots of photos to upload. I have not had a chance to do either. I will be posting later with all the details.

Road Rage

While in the Memphis International Airport there was a news story regarding things that annoy you. One thing the story mentioned was something in regards to road rage. There is actually a company that has cue cards you can flash at people doing thing in their cars that annoy you. The name of the company is Road Rage Cards.

For $19.99 you can flash these cars and someone eating that cheeseburger or talking on their cell phone in the lane next to you.

Sample cards can be found here, but if you are easily offended please skip this link. Samples