I usually wait months for movies to hit Netflix before watching a movie. Right now, there are 2 movies I can’t wait to see at the movie theatre. It’s not that I don’t like watching movies at the theatre, it just that I refuse to pay close to $10 to sit in uncomfortable seats for almost 2 hours. I could rent movies for a few bucks and watch them on my nice comfortable couch. and take breaks without missing good parts of the movie. The other benefit is that I do not have to hear the constant chatter or ringing phones by other movie goers, not to mention snacks are at my fingertips.

The first movie is Black Snake Moan. It just seems like a very original movie. Not one of those recycled movie plots.

The second movie which is technically 2 movies in one is Grindhouse,which seems to be another original movie by the Tarantino/Rodriquez duo. This has 2 movies “Planet Terror” and “Death Proof”. Movie industry folks are trying to get Taratino/Rodriquez to split the movies completely so they can get twice the cash. I hope the greed doesn’t take over.


Where to sit

I like the way the movie tickets are sold here in Krakow. When you get to the ticket counter you look at a screen and pick where you want to sit and the screen tells you what seat has already been purchased. Below is a photo of the screen that might not be that clear. Red means the seat is taken and blue means it is available. I wish we had this in the states, because if there were not anymore good seats I would either see another movie or go somewhere else.

And another thing, I did not here one cell phone in the theater or anyone talking.

"Apocalypto" in Krakow, Poland

This evening I went to go see a movie here in Krakow, Poland with a few Polish co-workers. The movie was “Apocalypto” and it was in the original Mayan language with Polish sub-titles.

You may be asking how did you know what the movie is about if you didn’t understand what you were listening to and were not able to read the sub-titles. Well, the answer to that is pretty simple. You almost did not need any sound (voices) or sub-titles to really know what was going on in the movie.

All in all the movie was pretty good.