Good Condition

Good news. My home inspection went very well. No major problems at all. Just a few minor problems.

The only thing I have to do is some minor updates, which might even be taken care of by the sellers.

I will keep you posted on my future projects and include a mess of photos before and after.

Here it is.

Here is a shot of the new house. The picture does not do it justice, so I will try and take a new photo when I have a chance.
Good thing is there is a Baskin Robbins, Little Caesars Pizza, and a Schnucks Grocery Store about a block away.

It is official….

I posted a little bit ago that I was looking for a house. Ok, so after 34 years of living with mom and dad, I have made the move. My parents are still close enough that I can still visit and they can visit me (2 miles). I found a house that that was within my price range to not make me house poor.

I take ownership of the house on April 18th, but will not move in until I clean it up and make some minor changes. I will be listing some of those minor changes later. I will be posting updates on what I do to the house and any problems I encounter.

I will post photos of the inside later and distribute the address to those that I know. So, if you want to know you can always comment and I will decide if you are worthy.

Keep an eye open for photos of the house after I move move in.

I want my Apple TV

Ok, so is the hype for the Apple TV all it is cut out to be or should I wait till generation 2. It seems like a great concept. I would be able to watch all my movie downloads on a full TV screen. Is the 40 gigs enough for a full movie collection? I seems like you can stream the video content from your laptop or desktop.

Let me know if you think this is worth it or not.


No, I am not talking about the TV Show Lost. I am actually talking about the music on my itunes. It seems close to 200 songs inexplicably disappear. Even songs downloaded the prior night. Not sure what happened. All I know is that I am not a happy camper. I guess one positive it that about 40-50 songs will go un-missed. Once I cleaned up the mess I was sure to back-up the 1000 songs I had left. True, it could have been worse. My collection could have been as big as Zack Perry’s collection and I could have lost way over a few thousand.

Be sure to back-up you music, especially if you pay for it.


Recently, I have started drinking tea in the hopes of shedding my dependency of Mountain Dew. Not that I am really dependent, it is just my version of coffee. True, some tea still has caffeine, it is just healthier than Mountain Dew. I have a few favorites already.

Now all I need to do is find myself a good coffee cup. So, if anyone sees any cool looking coffee mugs send them over. It would be especially nice to have one from Krakow.

Paella Time

Last night I got lucky and got to enjoy some great Seafood Paella. Of course, my mom did most of the prep work and I did the cooking outside on the Paella Pan. It turned out pretty good. It had Shrimp, Lobster, Scallops, Clams Mussels, and Octopus. I only ate the first 2.

Some photos can be found at Flickr.

The picture blur should prove that I need a new camera.