Christmas Past

Today my sister came across a picture of me with Santa when I was little. From what my moms said, I was not happy to have my picture taken with Santa. Trying to see if I can find out what year it was taken. If I were to guess I would say it was taken the Christmas of 1973.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

I’ve been Elfed

Well, after numerous tries. I was able to elf myself and get the link to be able to post it on my blog.

Below is a screen shot of the and and go to Tulio Elfed to see me dance and sing.

Go to Nico’s Page to see him elfed.

Back in Memphis, TN

I am back in Memphis, TN once again, but not for long. I will be returning to Krakow, Poland for possibly my last time in January.

I have been a little lax on my postings on my most recent trip to Krakow, Poland and will now try to play catch up. I will even try to post everything on the day it actually happened. So be sure to scroll down a few posting to get what you may have missed.

Elf Me

Turn yourself into a dancing elf for Christmas. Go to Elf Yourself. You can even sing a little song to a special 800 number and the elf will sing and dance. I will post the link to my singing elf once the email actually arrives in my e-mail box.

Photo to be posted soon.

Saint Nicolas Day

Here in Krakow, Poland they celebrate St. Nicolas Day and Christmas. Today they celebrated St. Nicolas day. Here I am in a foto with St. Nicolas that was in the square. He was kind of scary, especially when I saw him smoking his cigarette.

Not Rudolf

While walking around the Square in Krakow, Poland you can normally spot someone taking advantage of the large tourist population. Not complaining. I am one that like the tourist opportunities. This one opportunity cost me more than the more traditional foto ops.

This time it cost me about 40 Zloty for an A4 (a little larger than 8.5 x 11) sized photo with Santa and a reindeer. Ten minutes later I had my print. It would have been nice to have a digital version, but unfortunately it was not an option. Bad part is that I did not smile that much as I was freezing.

Smokin Joe Frasier

This morning on my way out of Memphis, TN in the Memphis International Airport I saw Smokin Joe Frasier sitting at gate A25. This of course was the day after he boxed or most favorite Memphis Mayor, Willie Herenton. I was able to get my picture with him and even got his business card with a photo and autograph. He was very nice and seemed to enjoy the attention he was getting. Definitely not like some famous people out there.