Swanky Urinals

While eating at Pod Roza, I had to take a little bathroom break and noticed the urinals. This is the firt time I have ever seen a urinal with a lid. Very Swanky.

Food for Thought: Krakow, Poland

Below is a listing of all the restaurants I have eaten at while in Krakow, Poland. I stole this list from Brian (a co-worker) who has set a goal of 100 restaurants while in Krakow and he is actually pretty close to his goal. Of course, he has been there longer than I have and has more opportunities to go to different restaurants. This is why I have set a goal for 50 restaurants and possibly 75 after that.

As a rule I am always willing to try something new, but always order French fries to be on the safe side. Krakow, Poland seems to have the best soups out there, so if you are ever there be sure to order a soup. You might even get your soup delivered in a nice bread bowl.

Some of the information might be the same as listed on Brian`s Page, but you might find some minor changes where I either disagreed or had some additional information

Total as of September 5th, 2006 = 41
$-Inexpensive $$-Moderate $$$-Moderate to Expensive $$$$-Expensive

Arlecchino Ristorante: Italian. VG food. $$
Bodega Marques Winiarnia: Spanish wine bar which serves mostly tapas. It is also a wine store. The tapas were good, but lacked traditional items. $$$$
Bayer Grill: Polish. Outdoor festival Grill with traditional foods. Very good. $
Bom Fogo in the Holiday Inn: International. Good food and if you do not want to leave the room the Chicken Sandwich is da bomb. $$$.
Brasserie: French and other. $$.
Cafe FM Panorama: Little cafe at the Kopiec Kosciuszki. Just had an Ice Cream here. $
Cafe Sukiennce: Deserts. Great little desert cafe located in the Cloth Hall. $
C.K. Dezerter: Polish. Great food. Very small restaurant. $$.
Chlopskie Jadlo: Peasant Polish. Very polish. Tried to even order a Coke and was told, This is a Polish restaurant. We do not serve Coke. $.
Cherubino Polish and Tuscan. Very good food. $$.
Da Pietro: Italian. Excellent Pizza. Less than stellar service. $$.
Del Papa Ristorante: Italian. Excellent food in a pretty interior. $$.
Europejska: Polish. Good and $$.
Fabryka Pizzy: Usual location for lunch. I usually get the Bomber which is like a Calzone with less sauce. I usually have to request extra. $
Foodology: Polish lunch place. They serve great fries and a mean Chicken de Voillaile with cheese. $.
Grill 15/16: International. Best Steak and grilled chicken in Krakow.$$$
Guliwer: Provencal. Excellent food in a pretty atmosphere. $$$.
Il Calzone: Italian. Good food but nothing ordinary. $$.
Ipanema: Brazilian. Not my best meal, but could have been due to my choice of menu item. $$.
Leonardo:Italian. Exc. food in a great cellar atmosphere. $$$
Lodziarnia: Desert. Located on Grodska is the perfect replacement for Mr. Gelato. $
Loza: Pasta and other dishes. Very good food. $$.
McDonald’s: American. Believe it or not it is better than any McDonald’s in the states. Everything is fresher and no heat lamps are used. $
Metropolitan: American. They have the best hot breakfast and burger in town. $$
Mr. Gelato: Ice Cream. Great place to grab a light dessert. Bad part is that they either closed or moved locations. $
Officyna: Emphasis on Italian but many other cuisines. Has live jazz music at 9 p.m. each night. Good and inexpensive with large portions. Behind Tri-Be-Ca. $$
Orient Ekspres: Cuisine from Paris to Instanbul. Very good food. $$$.
Paese: Corsican. Very nice interior and delicious food. $$$.
Pod Gwiazdami: Polish. the food was very good even thought he restaurant was very empty. $$
Pod Krzyzykiem: Polish. $$$$.
Pod Sloncem: Polish. Great cellar atmosphere and good food. $$.
Pod Roza: Polish-Italian. Great food. $$$$$.
Slodki Wentzl: Desert. Good alternative to Lodziarnia if you want to sit on the square. $
Someplace-Else at the Sheraton Hotel: American. Great Pepito Sandwich and Death by Chocolate. $$$$
Szara Restaurant: Various cuisines. Very upscale. Very good food. My favorite is the melon with prosciutto. $$$$
Szara Restaurant in Kazimierz: Various cuisines in a less formal setting than the original. Very good food. Outdoor eating. $$$$
Szlacheckie Jadlo: Polish. Home of the famous flaming sword main course. $$$.
The Olive in the Sheraton: International. Great Easter brunch. $$$$
Trattoria Soprano: Italian. Best lasagna Great interior design. Even better melon with prosciutto than Szara as of August 2006. $$$
TriBeCa Coffee: American bar food. Great in the winter for some hot chocolate. $
U Babci Maliny (Raspberry Grandma): Polish. The decor upstairs is Polish farmhouse and downstairs is Polish mansion. $

If you went to a restaurant with me and you do not see it listed, please let me know. If you have any suggestions also let me know as I would be willing to give it a shot.


I had just arrived here in Krakow, Poland last night and had to get a bite to eat and stopped by Szara Restaurant. I walked in and ordered at the bar. I ordered my favorite, the Prosciutto with Melon which I had been craving. I also ordered the Chicken “Yakitori”. I had to wait a bit as the restaurant was booming. For my wait the bartender gave me a free mini shot of some liquor. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I did not drink, so I finished my meal and poured the liquor in the sauce that came with the chicken. For all he knows, I drank the stuff.

Free Chicken Sandwich

Hard up for a free meal. Go to Chick-Fil-A on July 14 dressed as a cow with spots head to toe and get a free Combo or dress in partial cow attire and get a free entree.

Read more about it at Chick-Fil-A Cow Appreciation Day Faq.

Paese Restaurant

Tonight we went to the Paese Restaurant in Krakow, Poland. This is a small little Corsican place. The food is actually very good. Price is moderate. I ate the onion soup, cucumber salad, pork tenderloin, and pears with vanilla sauce. I would rate this place about 4 stars.

Someplace Else

Yesterday we went to a Krakow, Poland establishement located near the Wawel Castle inside the Sheraton Hotel called Someplace Else. It is probably the most American type of restaurant in Krakow, Poland besides McDonalds. The food is actually pretty good. I do feel that there chips and salsa need some better chips. Prices are very moderate and I rate this place 4 stars.

Da Pietro

Tonight, we ate at an Italian Restaurant called Da Pietro . The restuarant is located in a basement. The service was great and the food was good. Overall I would rate this restaraunt a 4.2 with a moderate price range for American Standards.

The part that impressed me the most was the soup that was in a bread bowl. Photo can be found below. I have actually seen this in many restaraunts here in Krakow, Poland, but it the the first time I have actualy eaten it.

Pod K Restaurant

Tonight, we ate at the Pod Krzyzykiem, often referred to as Pod K by us American Folks. This is a great little restaurant that is located on the square. Inside the restaurant, they have a glass floor in a section that has a replica model of the city below it.

The food was great in this restaurant as was the service. The presentation of the food was well worth it. Below is a photo of the dessert I ate as well as a photo of me in the hallway of the restaurant in a typical tourist pose. The dessert was a chocolate souffle.

Chlopskie Jadlo Restaurant

Chlopskie Jadlo Restaurant is a traditional polish peasant restaurant. The restaurant is actually located underground. The food is served on big wooden platters. The food consisted of Fried Potatoes, Galonka (Ham Hocks), chicken wings, goat cheese, ribs (not Memphis Style Ribs), pierogi and other stuff. You can probably get a better description from their web page.

Overall the price seemed not so peasant like at 280 zloty for 4 people, which is about $93. We were quoted much less when before ordering. You are mostly paying for the experience and not the food. I rate this place a 3, as the server never came back to us until it was time for the bling.

Below is what the platter looked like.

Brasserie Restaurant

Tonight we went to Brasserie Restaurant and no that does not mean bra. The food was very good as was the service. I ate a dish I could not repeat even if I had written it down. I my words, it was chicken with cheese and ham with frites on the side. All in all I rate this place a 4.3. The restaurant is actually an old trolly facility. Very cool.

Arlecchino Ristorante

Tonight we went to Arlecchino Ristorante, a small Italian restaurant in Krakow, Poland. I ordered the chiken salad, Spaghetti Carbonara and French fries. Yes, I said French fries and they almost taste like McDonalds Fries. The food was pretty good. I did not have dessert since I was stuffed. I would actually give the restaurant 3.5 -4 stars. The service was excellent and price was moderate.

Throw me a roll.

If you have ever been to Lambert’s, you know all about their “throwed rolls”. These rolls are great. The other day, I was craving a “Throwed Roll” and looked the recipe up on the internet. I found a recipe at Recipe Zaar and figured I would give it a try.

The rolls seemed to be easy to make, but were not as big, fluffy and buttery as the ones made at Lambert’s . Mine turned out to be small and soft, but did not have the same flavor. I will give it another try soon. I took some pics of the rolls and will post those on here later.

Don Corleone

Still cold here in Krakow and no new snowfall. Here are some picture from yesterday and today. The first one I thought was interesting and you will see why. The restaurant was the Corleone Ristorante and had this statue outside. I plan on going to the salt mine tomorrow or Thursday.

Here is a cigarette vendor. There are tons of these scattered throughout the city where people can buy cigarettes.

Restrooms are not labeled male or female instead they are labeled with a Circle for Women and a Triangle for Men.

More photos can be found at My Photos. Check back regularly for updates.