Couch to Running

After talking to my friend Ryan and him talking about his first 5k got me thinking. I need to get back to some form of exercise. I asked him what he did to get to the 5k point and suggested . This page will get a Couch Potato to running in about 2 months, which is something I think I can handle. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to help a brother out.

If you are looking for people to run with or races in your area go to A little plug for my friend Sean Hudson.

Show me the Money!

Drinking all the Mountain Dew finally paid off. I received a cehck for $20 for entering the Dew Free Ride Contest. I will keep drinking in hopes of winning my fully loaded Tahoe.

Below is a snap shot of what I received in the mail.

Guns N’ Roses

After a decade of waiting Guns N’ Roses are finally coming out with a new album “Chinese Democracy” supposedly later this year. There are actually a 3 studio quality leaked songs out there. My guess is that the songs were leaked purposely to gauge interest and see if people would still like Axel. Seem like the same thing K-Fed did with “PopoZao”.

If they actually do come out with “Chinese Democracy”, Axel needs to get rid of those dreads.

For more information on this go to Yahoo News!

Lost and Found

All I can say, is that I have been extremely lucky and have not lost any of my luggage while traveling to Krakow, Poland.

Of course that does not mean that the average person has not had this problem. Per the Department of Transportation and an article in USA Today over 10, 000 bags were lost a day by US Domestic Airlines in 2005. If I were a bell boy and lost 1-2 bags a day, I would be fired after 3 weeks. Why do the airlines get to get away with this? They should be fined for losing peoples luggage.

An example of how bad American Airlines was in October of 2005. There were 12 fellow employees that flew to Memphis, TN from Krakow, Poland and 7 of the 12 had there luggage lost/delayed.


I am not much for country music, but as I was flipping through the channels I came across this song. The name of the song is “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” by Trace Adkins. You can actually find it here at Trace Adkins. It is the last song on the list, give it a listen or even watch the video on iTunes.

Fortune Teller and Paper Popper

I was folding some paper at work and remembered those little Paper Fortune Tellers (Cootie Catcher). After talking about it with some people from work the Paper Popper was also mentioned. We all talked about our little paper toys always getting taken away by the teacher.

After talking about these Paper Toys, I Googled It! to see if anyone had direction on how to make them. After looking through a few pages, I was able to find 2 good pages with lots of details.

Does anyone else remember these or any other Paper Toys shown below?

To make a Paper Popper, go to Paper Popper.

To make a Paper Fortune Teller (Cootie Catcher), go to Paper Fortune Teller.

I have joined the Revolution.

Ok, not a really revolution, the the Satellite Radio Revolution. Since my stereo was recently stolen, I upgraded to a Satellite Compatible Stereo.

Go to Sirius to subscribe to Sirius Satellite Radio and join the Revolution.