Google Earth

Check out the latest program from Google called Google Earth. The program can be downloaded for free. Here are some satellite images of my house. You can view almost anything and anywhere with this program. Only bad thing is that the images are over a year old. It would be nice if the images were update more regularly to correct all those hazy images for some locations.

Download the program at:


Flood in Memphis (Kirby Parkway)

Here are some pics from the flooding that happened on Kirby Parkway in Memphis, TN on Tuesday July 19th. These were taken about 20 minutes after the heavy rain stopped. From what other people at the location were saying, the water was actually over the roof of the car when the heavy rain hit.

More pics can be found at:

Men’s capris, No thanks

I was watching the tour the other day and Bernard Hinault was at the podium giving Michael RASMUSSEN his Polka Dot Jersey and Award. The one thing I found odd was the fact that Hinault was wearing men’s capris. Yes, I said men’s capris. It was maybe 3-4 days ago.

If I can find a photo of him in them I will post it.

Capris for men has to be as bad as jams once were.