Hot in Krakow

The weekend was pretty good here in Krakow, Poland. Hot temperatures and plenty of rest. Most of the weekend was spent either sleeping or shopping. I did very little touring as I did not plan anything prior to my arrival. I did however walk past a pretty cool store.

The store was called Szambelan and they sell Vodka and Oil. Of course, this is not your average Vodka and oil store. The vodka comes in different colors and flavors and the oil only comes in different flavors. They have these huge containers that hold the liquid and you can have them poured into your own container. Below is a shot of the store.


I had just arrived here in Krakow, Poland last night and had to get a bite to eat and stopped by Szara Restaurant. I walked in and ordered at the bar. I ordered my favorite, the Prosciutto with Melon which I had been craving. I also ordered the Chicken “Yakitori”. I had to wait a bit as the restaurant was booming. For my wait the bartender gave me a free mini shot of some liquor. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I did not drink, so I finished my meal and poured the liquor in the sauce that came with the chicken. For all he knows, I drank the stuff.

In Poland, not the Sequel

I have arrived in Krakow, Poland. On the way over here I got very lucky. I was bumped up to First Class on Delta from Memphis to Atlanta for being kind and giving someone else my seat. And from Atlanta to Munich I did not have to sit next to anyone and slept at least 4 hours on the plane. Maybe I will be as lucky on my return flight and get bumped up to First Class from Munich to Atlanta.

Weather is great. I would almost say it is the same temp as Memphis sans humidity.

Rice Balls

I was watching Food TV and ran across a new show. The show I am talking about is Road Tasted and the shows host are the sons to Paula Dean, another Food TV cook. It seems that they travel all over the USA looking for different food items and then telling you were to get them. Before telling you were to get the food, they show you how to make it. One item that they showed this past week were Rice Balls that can be found at Brooklyn Pork Store.

Here is the direct link to the Rice balls.

Photo from the Food TV webpage.

Made in the USA.

I read the Saturday comics/funnies like I normally do and saw one of the Family Circus where little Billy was trying to find clothing made in the USA. And of course, he was unable to find anything that was made in the USA. I challenge anyone to be able to put together outfits for the week with clothing Made in the USA, not assembled in the USA for a reasonable price. No $250 Jeans or anything weird like that, just your normal everyday business casual clothing. And by normal I mean nothing that is Tony Roy business casual. Not knocking his sense of style, just the price range.

I know Zack Perry will try this as he has said he will no longer buy anything Made in China.

Sad part is that I do not think this is possible, even if you go to Wal-Mart.

Perfect Grill

I was watching Food TV and Bobby Flay was in Iraq for his show Food Nation. If you are familiar with the show you know that Bobby Flay travels around picking random people to compete against grilling style. While in Iraq he competed against one of the military cooks. The military cook was using this huge charcoal grill. I did some searching online and found it for sale. It is actually a Weber Grill and it is huge, it is similar to the ones used in the Weber Grill Restaurant where only charcoal grills are used to cook any meats. Of course the only thing bad about the grill is its $999 price tag. I guess I need to start saving up.

Take it all off.

I was flipping throughout the channels last night a ran across Fuse. You could almost say it is like MTV or any other music channel. I have watch this channel before while flipping through the channels one before, but it is not a regularly watch channel. Well last night I think I saw something worse than American Idol and people trying to get their 15 minutes of fame. You can now get your 15 minutes of fame with the Pants-off, Dance-off.

Pants-off, Dance-off is a show where the contestant takes their clothes off to the music. All sort of contestants which makes this show pretty funny. Don’t worry, they do not take everything off. Go to the Pants-off, Dance-off website to see video from past shows.