Drink of the gods… Incan gods.

For those that do not know, my parents are from Peru where I have visited many times.  One thing that always sparks a memory or 2 is a special golden cola, a drink called Inca Kola.  It is very difficult to find here in Memphis, TN.  Occasionally a local import store will have them, but since not many people know about it they never restock it. 

This week I got lucky again.  The Winchester Farmers Market sells it and stocks it in old style glass bottles like the ones I used to drink out of as a kid.  As you can see from the photo below, I stocked up on it.The bottle below were actually imported from Ecuador. Wierd part is that I know it is also bottled in the US. 


Dragon Fruit

About 3 years ago, I posted about Dragon Fruit and how it was way to expensive to order just to try it.  Yesterday when I went to my parents house for dinner my dad surprised me with one.  He purchased it at the Winchester Farmers Market.   So last night I tried it and actually liked it. 

So as you can guess I stopped by there today and purchased 5 for about $4 bucks a piece as opposed to $20 a piece if I ordered them on-line.

If you live in Memphis I would suggest you stop by the Winchester Farmers Market and try one.