Mango Salsa Recipe

Here is a recipe for my Mango Salsa. Enjoy.

Mango Salsa Recipe
Prep Time 20 Minutes
Yield : 3+ Cups

4 Mangos, Peeled, seeded and chopped. (If unsure how to peel a mango, it does come in a jar)
1 Jalepeno, minced. (Leave out since and white membrane if you don’t want it to hot)
1 Large White Onion, Minced
2 Garlic Cloves, Minced
3 Vine Grown Tomatoes, minced
4 Limes, Juice only
1 Pinch of Cilanto, minced to taste
Salt and Pepper, to taste

You can add more Onions, Tomatoes, or Mango depending on the consitency you want.

Suggestion: Use Tostitos Scoops

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LiveSTONG, now there is LiveWRONG.

My guess is that you have seen LiveSTRONG bracelets all over the place.

Well, now you can LiveWRONG .

Here are some other bracelets out there. It seems anyone with a little cash can even get there own bracelet.

Stand up Speak up

All kinds of bracelets

MS Band of Hope

Red Sox Nation

More bracelets

Francisco and Cousin Rina in the Commercial Appeal

My brother Francisco Bertorini and cousin Rina Larrabure were among those attending the Greater Memphis United Chinese Association Chinese New Year dinner Saturday night at the China Inn restaurant on Covington Pike. Were Pictured in the Commercial Appeal Feb. 11, 2005.

Article can be found at the below link.

Commercial Appeal


Now I know this is stupid, but I had to post. Also, if you have been to be aware that I was the one that sent him the link 2 weeks ago and he said it was stupid and why did I send it to him. Now he has it on his page as a blog. Weird how things change. Enjoy.

Roddick wins tonight

Roddick after winning his match against Arnaud Clement today (2/16) at the Raquet Club of Memphis in two straight sets 6-3, and 6-3. Great match, too bad I missed the last point due to having a bladder that couldn’t hold anything. Thanks to my brother Cisco for inviting me to the match. Posted by Hello

Esuvee, can it be tamed?

Be sure to turn your sound on.

Perdido Key Damage from hurricane Ivan and other smaller hurricanes.

Below you will find numerous photos from the Hurricanes that hit Florida in 2004.

When the first and largest Hurricane hit most of the damage to the building was caused by the air conditioning units on the room when the were swept off the roof. After this hurricane, building management purchase a cover for the roof, but failed to install if prior to the smaller hurricanes and rainfall. This is when most of the damage was cause to the condo, when all the rain water collected on the room and went down the tubing to the AC units. The caused most of the dry to get wet and after a few weeks of no power were covered in mold. What you see in the photos are what was finally done after they removed all the drywall that was covered in mold.

Photos From the Perdido Key Condo after Hurricane Ivan.

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Living Room Damage Posted by Hello

Master bathroom wall right next to the Jacuzzi/Shower.Posted by Hello

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More damage and view of our neighbors condo Posted by Hello

More Damage. Bedroom to the right as you walk in the front door. Posted by Hello

More Damage Posted by Hello

More Damageto the entrance bathroom Posted by Hello

More Damage in te master bathroom Posted by Hello

More damage Posted by Hello

More damage Location where the minibar was located and you can see through the wall into the master bedroom.Posted by Hello

Dining room in Perdido Key Posted by Hello

View Of bathroom in Perdido Key Posted by Hello

View of Inside the Condo in Perdido Key in the Master bedroom. Standing by balcony looking into the bathroom. Posted by Hello

Master Bathroom Sink. Posted by Hello


Went riding with Zack P Sunday. Been A while since I have been on the bike. It felt good to spin for a bit.