My World in Miniature

Today I ran a cross a web page where you upload your photo and it makes it look like a miniature model. I tried this with a photo from Krakow and thought it looked pretty good.

Go to Tilt Shift Maker to convert your own photo into a miniature. Let me know how it goes. here is a photo I did of the Cloth Hall in the Main Square in Krakow, Poland.


Original photo can be found at : Flickr


Photo Scanning

I am going to try and start scanning all the families old photos from years past. I know I mentioned a while ago in regards to looking for a company to scan all the photos, but the cost is not really worth it right now. Of course, it may take me a few weeks to scan every photo the family has in the old format. The tough part will be how to sort all the photos.

Keep an eye open at Unfortunately, not all photos will be posted. Not all family members want their photos online.

Photo Scanning

A while ago I posted something about looking for companies that will scan all of those old photos. I looked online and found a few places online that specialize in mass photo scanning.

I would do this myself, but I do not have 10-20 minutes per photo to spend scanning photos. Especially if I have over 800 photos I would like to scan from the past. Most of these being from when I was a kid and when my parents were children.

The bad part with these services is that you must send your photos out and pray that they do not get lost. How does insurance cover that?

Now I need to find out which ones ship to India or Costa Rica for scanning. Even more of a chance of your photos getting lost.

A few companies I found are listed below:
Dig My Pics
Brite Pix
Digital Pickle
Scan Cafe

Make your own Panoramic Pictures

While surfing the internet I came across a little program that lets you create your own panoramic photos. I know most cameras have a panoramic option, but they are sometime limited to how much of a panoramic picture you can take. The program is called PT Gui.

I have used PT Gui to try and recreate part of the Rynek Glowny (Market Square) from Krakow, Poland. Below is an image that I tried to put together from the side that has all the construction going on. Since I will be in Krakow this week, I will be trying to snap a good number of photos of the square and create a better panoramic image than this one.

Go to to see a full size image.