Monkey Boy

This past week Stacy and I were at Old Navy just looking around when I noticed this costume that I thought would be perfect for Nico.  Reason being we usually call Nico, “Monkey Butt” or call his feet “Monkey Feet”. So I called my sister to make sure that she had not purchased a costume for him yet. 

Her response, “Does it look like a baby costume?”

My response ” Anything for a 2 year old is probably going to look like a baby costume.”

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Last Saturday I went to the Zoo with my nephew Nico and and my sister. Nico had a blast.  We got his caricature made while we were there.  I was not as impressed by this guy as I was with the guy that did mine when I was in Poland. The link to mine are below Nico‘s caricature.

Nico's Caricature


 My Caricatures


I spent most of the day and my parents house.  When I arrived I saw peaking out of the holes in the brick wall in my parents garage.    I was lucky to get a few photos before her turn around to look at the bubbles.