Air Tulio

This weekend was a very busy weekend.  This is the time of year when it is perfect to re-seed your yard.  I re-seeded my parents yard yesterday and my yard today.

Yesterday, my dad sent me to Lowe’s and Home Depot to pick up some Fescue Grass Seeds, Fertilizer, and an Aerator.  I picked up the Fescue and Fertilizer at Lowe’s then dropped them off at my parents.  I then picked up my brothers F150 and headed to Home Depot to rent the aerotor for 24 hours. 

I started on my parents house around 5pm yesterday.  The aerator worked similar to a tiller, but instead of tearing up al lthe soil it poked 2-3 inch deep holes.  Overall it took me about 2 hours.   I then re-seeded it and them fertilized it.   My arms and legs were sore since the machine weighed about 200+ lbs. So I figured I would load it up, take it home and get some rest and start in the AM at my house.

This morning the soreness was gone.  It took me a little longer to aerate my yard since it is bigger than my parents yard.  When I started on my yard I actually noticed a lever and wanted to see what it would do.  Well, that made it move 10 times faster and I was able to go over the yard twice with almost 1/2 the effort.

My next big rental is going to be a stump remover as long as I can get it into my back yard. I will have to measure the gate before I even think about renting it.