Window Tint

Well, last week I mentioned that I would post photos of the job I did on the garage windows. So, here are a few snap shots of the window tint.

Windows and Blinds

This weekend I added a few Levolor Blinds and also added some Frosted Window Tint.

The Levolor Blindswere very simple to install as I have done them before and have had the practice. I added them to what will be the computer room, garage, and living room. I will more than likely add them to the kitchen windows and a few bedrooms later. Lowe’s will cut the width to size and you can adjust the lenght to your own window.

You are probably going, “Frosted Window Tint, why?” I added the Frosted Window Tint to the garage windows. The tint makes the garage a little more private. I do not really want anyone looking in my garage to see what I have in there. Anyway, the Frosted Window Tint was very easy to install and does look good (photo to be added later). It took me about 1hour:30minutes to install the Frosted Window Tint on the 8 little garage windows, which included measuring, cutting, and installing. Light still comes in, no one can look in.