Not as bad as a dirty diaper in a parking lot…

…but it is something that I have noticed almost every night between 6 and 8 pm since I have lived in my neighborhood.   I am all for people having a cold one after work, but not while they are driving.  Some moron has been drinking his his Coors Light Tall Boy after work on his way home.  Even worse is that they have been leaving the can and its little brown bag at the intersection of my street.

I have been tempted to sit out there and see who is doing it and calling the cops to sit out there and bust him.  Is it too much trouble to just take the empty can home and put in in the trash or recycle it?  Wonder if that would stop them.



Guitar Hero

Someone please explain the big deal about “Guitar Hero”  and other similar games.  It seem people spend tons of time learning to get better at the game and even compete.  With all the time they spend doing this cold they not spend it learning how to play an actual instrument?  When will the battling gaming systems find a way to have their systems actually work with real instruments.