Not as bad as a dirty diaper in a parking lot…

…but it is something that I have noticed almost every night between 6 and 8 pm since I have lived in my neighborhood.   I am all for people having a cold one after work, but not while they are driving.  Some moron has been drinking his his Coors Light Tall Boy after work on his way home.  Even worse is that they have been leaving the can and its little brown bag at the intersection of my street.

I have been tempted to sit out there and see who is doing it and calling the cops to sit out there and bust him.  Is it too much trouble to just take the empty can home and put in in the trash or recycle it?  Wonder if that would stop them.



My World in Miniature

Today I ran a cross a web page where you upload your photo and it makes it look like a miniature model. I tried this with a photo from Krakow and thought it looked pretty good.

Go to Tilt Shift Maker to convert your own photo into a miniature. Let me know how it goes. here is a photo I did of the Cloth Hall in the Main Square in Krakow, Poland.


Original photo can be found at : Flickr

Anyone want Pizza?

Normally when you see a pizza delivery car it is normally some beat up car. Times must be tough, because I saw Dominoe’s Pizza Delivery guy driving a BMW. Not sure which model. Can anyone tell?


Bicycle Camper for 1

A co-worker sent this to me today and I wondered why something like this never caught on.  With today’s materials you could probably make a very light weight one with carbon fiber and titanium.  Throw is a solar powered mini flat screen TV/DVD with satellite.  There is no mention of the kid that created it, but I am guessing that his name is Chet based on the name on the side of the trailer.

This was found at

Sweet Ride

I passed this car everyday on my way to an offsite location for work.  I won’t say where.  Just take a guess. I finally had to stop and take a photo.