Prague Photos Posted

I have finally posted all the Prague, Czech Republic photos. Photos were taken by myself and 2 co-worker Alison Crone and Gabriela Urbanik. I would almost say that there are way of 500 photos of the entire trip from leaving Krakow, Poland to taking a pit stop in Wroclaw, Poland to finally making it to Prague, Czech Republic. And for those planning to go to Prague, it can be done in close to 5 hours from Krakow, Poland.

I will try to enter descriptions of as many photos as possible, but I am not sure how soon that will be possible.

Go to and enjoy all the photos.

Cabaret Bouncers

I mentioned that I would talk about my experience with the pushy cabaret bouncers standing outside on the Main Square in Prague, Czech Republic, so here goes.

Saturday night I was walking around the square with some co-workers when one of the bouncers from many of the cabarets in Prague approached me.

Bouncer: “Would you like some ******?”

Me: “No. Thanks”

Bouncer: “Are you sure, it is very good ******?”

Me: “No, thanks I already have some.” I thought this reply would get him to leave me alone. I was wrong.

Bouncer: “Would you like to share?”

That is when I walked even faster and left him in the dust.

Of course, this is not the only time I was approached. I just ignored the rest and walked on.

Back from Prague

I made it back from Prague after 5 hours in the car. Not a bad trip at all. I even drove a large portion of the trip.

Prague is a great city, but not as nice as Krakow, Poland. True Prague is a large city with a lot of history, but like every large city it has its set backs. During the day there are plenty of tourist attractions, but at night be prepared to be harassed by the local cabaret bouncers trying to coax you in to their establishment. Luckily they are only allowed to do that after 8pm. It can get even scarier after that.

I took many many picture and will even mention my encounter with one of the cabaret bouncers. I will also try to not us the profanity that was used when I was being coaxed into entering the cabaret.

Praha, Praga, Prague

However, you want to say it. I will be taking a weekend trip to Prague, Czech Republic. I will be there for 2 days and will be sure to take advantage of all the sites to see.

Be sure to check back for fotos and any interesing stories.