Trick or Treat

Yes, I dressed up for Halloween and it was the same outfit as last year with on addition to the costume. Zoom in on that belt. I try to add at least one article of clothing to the outfit every year. True it is not very original, but it sure saves on spending too much money every year.

Wonder what I can add next year.

Pimp my shoes

I saw these at Of course, it was about time someone came out with this product. So the company that brought you the spinner shoes came out with an MP3 Player shoe. My guess is that Tony Roy wishes these were bicycle shoes.

More details can be found at Dada Shoes.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas …. Feliz Navidad …. Wesołych Świąt …. bon Nadal …. feliz Natal …. god jul …. joyeux Noël …. gioioso Natale …. C Pождеством …. Nollaig shona

Santa showing you his pimp hand.

Happy Halloween