Peru Earthquake

For those that may not know, my family is from Peru where they just encountered a huge earthquake that pretty much leveled the city of Pisco and Chincha (my parents hometown) earlier this week.

Please go to the Red Cross and/or UNICEF Children of Peru to dontate to “support emergency relief efforts and help those affected by the earthquake in Peru”.

Good news is that no one in my family was injured.

IV Cocktail

Ever have an old roll of film that was never developed until a few years later. Well, that recently happened to my brother Francisco. He found about 5 rolls of film and just had them developed. Some of those rolls dated back to the year 2000. I thumbed through them and found some interesting shots.

A few years ago, he went to Peru to go to Cuzco and got a little altitude sickness or ate something bad. Below is a photo of him in the Cuzco hospital enjoying a nice IV Cocktail.

Travel after Poland

Taking any major trips during the year, are probably out of the question as I will be traveling to Krakow, Poland regularly this year. That does not mean that I can’t plan for future trips. I have family from Peru and have visited them numerous times in my life, but have never been a tourist there. I have mostly only visited family or gone to the beaches. My next trip to Peru will be different. After my trip to Peru, I would like to go to Costa Rica again as I enjoyed my time there when I studied there for a summer.

My next trip to Peru, I plan on being a tourist for about 2-3 weeks and see all the thing I missed seeing on my past trips. Below is a list of things I would like to see in whenever I am able to go to Peru again.

Larco Herrera Museum
Gold Museum
Ica, Nazca Lines, and Ballestas Islands
Uros Island and Lake Titicaca
Machu Picchu
Manu Wildlife center
Huaca El Dragon and Chan Chan Museum

I know I probably missed a lot, but this should cover me for a bit. I might not even be able to do all of this in a 2-3 week period, as Peru is split up into 6 regions ( that is what the guide books shows).

If you know of something else that would be interesting to see, let me know.