While in Florida last week we were trying to find things to keep us occupied.  We drove down to the Visitors Center and picked up brochures for all the Tourist type stuff.  One that stood out was for the Alligator Alley

The cost was $10 per person plus $2.50 for a souvenir cup filled with gator snacks. Snacks for the gators not us.   When we first walked in, we got to see some smaller alligators and got lucky to hold one of them.  When then continued to walk to where the big alligators were. We were probably within feet of the Alligators.  Of course, there was a fence between us and the alligators.   

Bad part about the entire tour is that we missed the feeding frenzy.  We were told to sit in a certain area to find that they fed the gators at another location. 

The park is nice for those that have never been close to an alligator, but it could use some improvement.  Especially with all the land they own.  They could have built a few special areas to get a better look at the larger gators.  They could also alternate feeding from the areas to be able to feed the gators more frequently.



Got Crabs

Back in the 80’s when we went to Perdido Key, Florida for weeks at a time we had to do things to keep us entertained and busy. So we purchased a Crab Trap and would set it out on the bay side every night and load it with chicken necks.  We would catch plenty and bring them back to the condo for dinner. 

Well, I had a chance to re-live some of my childhood while in Flordida last week. Sounds corny, I know. We filled the traps like we did when I was young and checked it every day.  Below are some photos of the crabs we caught.

2 years and counting

2 years ago today, Katrina hit many of the Gulf Coastal cities. One of them being Perdido Key were my parents have a condo. A condo that the family has not been able to use for 2 years and will probably be a few more months before it is even ready. Should I mention that it should have been complete this past March.

There is some progress on the condo, but it is still not complete. I look forward to the day to be able to take a long weekend and head on down there.

Photo is from August 28, 2005.

Florida Rentals

Summer time is near. Tired of the same old vacation spots. Go to Perdido Key, Florida and stay Seapray Condominiums. It is a nice family spot about 5 miles from Gulf Shores, AL. Not only that, but you are only a few miles away from the Florabama.

The above photo shows the 3 Seapray Condominiums. Be sure stay at the one on the beach on the right hand side. All 3 are currently closed, but will be open soon. They are all being remodeled after Katrina hit a few years ago.