More good news

I have been lucky to find out today that there is a Pepsi Machine on my floor. And of course, we all know what that means. If there is Pepsi, then that means that there is Mountain Dew.

Although, I will be continuing my effort to cut back on Mountain Dew it is nice to know that the machine is close by in case I need a quick boost.

Antique Dew

While doing some holiday driving I stopped by an antique store just to see what kind of stuff they had in the store. Besides having lots of junk and more junk I was able to find a jewel. I found myself an antique Mountain Dew bottle and yes I purchased it for $12.95. Now all I need to do is add an antique Mountain Dew sign.

Show me the Money!

Drinking all the Mountain Dew finally paid off. I received a cehck for $20 for entering the Dew Free Ride Contest. I will keep drinking in hopes of winning my fully loaded Tahoe.

Below is a snap shot of what I received in the mail.

Doing the Dew in Poland

After almost a week here in Krakow, Poland I was informed that they do in fact have Mountain Dew. Taste a little different, but close enough. Also, instead the darker green the bottle is closer to a flourescent lime green.

You can go to the Polish version of the Mountain Dew Web page at Mountain Dew