Snow in Memphis2

Here are some photos I took this morning. Yes, it did snow but it was only 1 to 2 inches. One of me in the snow, my pops car covered, and my foot steps in the snow. More photos can be found at


Snow in Memphis

Even though we have snow in Memphis, TN Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, so we should have an early spring.

Photos of Memphis Snow to be posted soon.

Happy Ground Hog Day.

Big Burger

The Memphis Flyer recently came out with the Best of Memphis issue. It list the best food & drink, good & services, nightlife, art & entertainment and much more. I don’t normally pick up the Memphis Flyer , but this issue caught my eye. While reading it I saw that Bigfoot Lodge won the Readers Choice for Best Restaurant. They have this huge burger that probably has over 5000 calories and could feed 3 people. They will even give you the burger for free if you can eat it in 60 minutes or less.

Graceland in Memphis, TN

Well, today I took my cousin to Graceland in Memphis, TN. Lot of pics. Tour cost $28.00 and included tour of the Mansion, Airplanes, Car Museum and Sincerely Elvis Museum. Not a bad deal at all. We did go downtown to Blues City Cafe and each got a slab of ribs. Great food. We took some pics of downtown, but some how they are not on the camera anymore. That really sucks. So, I guess we need to go downtown again and grab some more ribs. Whose complaining?

Check out more photos at My Photos

Flood in Memphis (Kirby Parkway)

Here are some pics from the flooding that happened on Kirby Parkway in Memphis, TN on Tuesday July 19th. These were taken about 20 minutes after the heavy rain stopped. From what other people at the location were saying, the water was actually over the roof of the car when the heavy rain hit.

More pics can be found at: