Lajkonik Festival

A festival that I was hoping I would not miss is the Lajkonik Festival. Most tourist booklets did not have the correct dates. It seems this happens regularly per the Tourist Information Center. Some places had the festival posted on June 5th and others the Thursday after Corpus Cristi which was on June 22nd. I took a gamble and tracked down some details. The actual festival started near the river around noon and again in the Market Square around 6pm.

I attended the festival and took many, many pictures. I know some of them are not the best, but the guy kept moving around. Not a very large festival or not as large as I expected it to be based on the Tourist Booklets.

Check out many of the photos at My Flickr Photo Album.

Lajkonik Parade

I am going to try and attend the Lajkonik Parade. It take place during my lunch break and is only a 5-10 minute run from the Lubicz Center. If lucky, I will be able to see the entire procession and attend the rest of the festival in the evening after work.

Here is a photo with the Lajkonik that hangs around the Market Square almost daily taken in May.

Krakow Lajkonik

I am a sucker for tourist fotos, especially with someone on the streets. Below is a photo of me and the Krakow Lajkonik. The story says that if the guy touches you with his spiked club, it will bring you happiness and prosperity.

Information on the Krakow Lajkonik