No, I am not talking about the TV Show Lost. I am actually talking about the music on my itunes. It seems close to 200 songs inexplicably disappear. Even songs downloaded the prior night. Not sure what happened. All I know is that I am not a happy camper. I guess one positive it that about 40-50 songs will go un-missed. Once I cleaned up the mess I was sure to back-up the 1000 songs I had left. True, it could have been worse. My collection could have been as big as Zack Perry’s collection and I could have lost way over a few thousand.

Be sure to back-up you music, especially if you pay for it.

Free Ipod!!!

Can’t afford an ipod. Well go to the below link to get your free ipod. You can even pick the color you want. How cool is that?

Free ipod


Don’t get me wrong. My ipod is great, but it is truly lacking of one important thing and that is an ON/OFF Switch. I hate that you can barely nudge it and it turns it shelf on draining the battery life. I have already had 2 instances where my ipod has taken over on it own and almost run completely out of juice. If the ipod can have a little switch why not have an ON/OFF Switch as well.

Or does Apple want your battery too loose its juice repeatedly?

Ipod bicycle charger

Ok, so now you can ride your bike and charge your ipod at the sametime. Bicycle light generator was modified to be able to charge an ipod. Niterider needs to work on an official version.

ipod bicycle charger

I know the nano is small but,

I know the ipod Nano is small, but come on. Do airlines really have to cut cost that much that they have to make the forks and spoons even smaller? They are not even bigger than my index finger.

Nano Otterbox Case

The ipod Nano Otterbox is finally available. I have place my order and it should be here when I return from Krakow, Poland. I look forward to the Otterbox as it is waterproof and crush proof. It seems to be the best case out there for the Nano that I could find. I will be sure to post what it is like and how it works when it arrives. I took it off my Christmas wish list as I have found that with apple stuff, if you don’t jump on it when it comes out it will be on backorder for a while.

ipod Bicycle Mounts

Just got off the phone with Tony Roy and as you can guess by the title, he is looking for an ipod bicycle mount.

Tony mentioned that he retro fitted a Niterider bicycle mount and glued it to a special ipod case. He also mentioned that Niterider needs to make ipod bicycle mounts.

Maybe more companies will start to making ipod bicycle mounts. Below are some links to ipod bicycle mounts that some companies have already tried to make.

Bicycle Mount Links
Marware Bike Holder
Marware Mobility Pack
Ram ipod
Risse Racing

Ipod Flea

Can an ipod get any smaller? I saw this video today and thought it was pretty funny.

Check it out. ipod flea

Nano, Nano, my name is Mork from Orkin

If you read this post about a week ago, I mentined that I was really wanting an ipod. Well, I finally got one and the Nano to boot. I was prepared. I signed up for itunes about a week ago and even started converting my mp3s and uploading my cd collection. Now if Apple were prepared and had the accesories it has for all their other products.

One thing I would like is the Otter Box. Hopefully it will be available soon.

Here are some shots of my Nano.

I own Apple share, so now I need my IPOD

I purchased 15 shares of Apple and due to the Ipod Apple had a stock split to tremedous earning. Now I own 30 Apple Shares and hope it goes up even more.

Being an Apple Shareholder, though a very small shareholder, I feel that it is my duty to invest in the company that is making me some cash.

Now the real reason for my post. I figure the Ipod is on it 5th run and most of the kinks are gone and it is time for me to get one. For those relatives that read this when there is nothing going on at work, I would really like an Ipod 20g for my birthday. I figure the Ipod is on it 5th run and most of the kinks are gone