Dead Fox

This morning on the way back from a meeting I past by the Fox Crossing I mentioned on the previous post and saw on of the Foxes dead on the side of the road. It looked like the mom fox from what I could tell. Not sure how the pups will do. Hopefully, someone was able to save them and take them somewhere they could be taken care of and released into the wild again.

Fox Hole

On the way to my new house I normally see a sign that says “Fox Crossing”. I never really realized why it was there, until the other day. I actually saw 3 foxes on the side of the road. One was a mom with its 2 baby foxes. They have a burrow that is about 10-20 feet long just 10 feet from the main road.

The crossing is located on Massey by some apartments. More photos can be found at Flickr.