Help me reach my goal!!

For those that do not know, I have been back on the bike after being off of it for 6 plus year.  I am riding with the IP Cycling team and raising money for MS.  My goal is $2000, which I met and past last year.  This year, I am not doing so hot. 

My goal is $2000 and I have over $1300 to go.  Help me reach my goal and donate anything you can. Dontate at the link below.


Getting in shape

Along with all the house work, I have also been doing some exercises.  Not running or cycling, but push ups.  Not any kind of push ups, but the Perfect Push-up.  I am sure you have seen the adds for it numerous time in magazines and on TV.

 I never buy anything that has “Seen on TV” on it, but for some reason Perfect Push-up got me interested.  I stopped by my local Sports Authority and picked up a a set about 2 months ago.  I have been using them since and have actually noticed more results than when I used to go work out at the local gym.

 The push-ups from the Perfect Push-up are actually harder than when doing regular push-ups.  I can actually feel the burn while working out and the soreness the next day. 

Another work out that I have seen on TV that caught my eye and I might even give a try in the near future is P90X.