It seems my camera is not as good as I thought it was based on the latest photos. I have to take about 3 pictures of one object to get a good shot. True it is probably the fact that it is a digital photo. I am going to start to look for a replacement camera and am looking for some good suggestions. I know Sony is good, but I would prefer not to use it as I already have many SD memory cards.

Have any suggestions??


I found this at engadget and I have got to get this or at least something similar. It is a new Digital Camera by Samsung which comes with an external camera lens. The SC-X205L can be found at Samsung.

The SC-X205L would be great for trail riding in Moab or any trail for that matter. This would even be cool to use when I rent/buy that bicycle cruiser in Krakow, Poland. I could even video my bicycle ride around the Planty.

If you know of any better alternatives to this camera, let me know.

I need a better camera.

Here is a photo I took from the office in Krakow, Poland. I had to take it from a cracked open window. Bad part is that my zoom could not zoom anymore. Someone is going to try and get me a better shot, hopefully.

You might only enjoy this if you like bicycles. Of course, I might have my own bicycle hanging from the balcony next time I go to Krakow, Poland. You can buy a little cruiser for about 150 zlotys (about $50). I would use this to ride to and from work or anywhere else for that matter.

Let me know how you like my shots…