I woke up this morning not really knowing what to expect when I went Auschwitz. I tried to take pictures so that you might be able to experience at least a small part of what I experienced. I also toured Birkenau, which is where jews were railed in and then divided by men or women. I will have those photos posted later.

Photos for Auzchwitz can be found at My Photos

I plan on going to the Salt Mines later this week and will post daily if possible.

I am here.

It was a bad choice to choose an aisle seat on such a long flight. From what I could see from other passengers those with window seats got the most sleep. I might have slept 1-2 hours max from Atlanta, GA to London.

I arrived in London at 6:30 am and had to walk about 2 miles through a maze of corridors to get to the main terminal where I had to wait 3 hours for my flight to leave. The London Terminal is like a mall compared to other airports.

My flight from London to Krakow was not full so I was able to take a power nap. Once I arrived to Krakow I got my self a Taxi and headed to the hotel. I think my taxi driver was Collin McRae (Rally Car Driver), or at least he thought he was by the way he was weaving in and out of traffic.

I am heading to the front desk to see about taking a tour of Auschwitz tomorrow.