Baby Squirrel

About 2 weeks ago, the dogs started going nuts and barking around the tree in the yard.  Stacy stopped them and just in the nick of time.  The dogs were about to catch this baby squirrel that must have fallen out of the tree.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I hate squirrels.  The reason I hate them so much is that they destroy your house.  Of course,  I did not want any harm for this little squirrel so before letting the dogs out I would always check to see if the coast was clear. 

After a few days of keeping watch of the baby squirrel and keeping the dogs away, Stacy and I noticed another animal to keep an eye open for.   While watching TV we noticed this big white thing flash by the window.  We looked out the window and saw this huge hawk that landed on the deck railing not even 3 feet from the window.  My camera was in the car so I missed that great photo opportunity.  It flew away, so we went out and notice the baby squirrel right under where the hawk was perched. Luckily, it survived.  I moved it under the deck so it would be safe. 

It has been days, and we have not seen the baby squirrel.  Either it is still hiding under the deck or something else.


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