I’m Back

Ok, I know I have been away for a while. 

 I have updated the look,of my blog, with some minor downfalls.  I moved my entire page that was hosted at Blogger to WordPress.  Bad part is that any images that were attached to any posting did not transfer over.  I will have to slowly transfer all images little by little.  If you are reading any old post, please go to the My Old Page to see those photos.

 So besides the new look, what have I been up to lately.

Well, here it is.  I have continued to do lots of work on the house and ready for my tax refund to do even more. 

For those that have visited the house, here are something that are a little different.

  • Re-painted the front/guest bathroom from a light green to a tan color.
  • Removed the popcorn ceilings from the dining room, formal living room, front hall, and front/guest bathroom
  • Painted the dining room, formal living room and front hall
  • Installed new doorbell ringer
  • Installed new light fixtures in the front hall and front/guest bathroom
  • Installed chicken wire in the attic vents to block birds from nesting in the attic and keep other critters out.
  • Planted 2 Japanese Maples
  • Purchased some patio furniture

Removing the popcorn was the hardest of all the work done so far. My plan is to eventually do the entire house without the popcorn ceiling on room at a time.


One Response

  1. Thank God your blog is back , now I have something to do on staurday nights!

    P90X huh? I would have to see it to believe it.

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