Ok, I am not talking about “cancer of the mouth”, but referring to the scene in Lucas . The specific scene I am referring to is the one with the locust. Having many trees in my yard I see 3 things; locust skins, dead locust, or locust flying into everything. I have never really seen them in the act of leaving their skins.

Well, this week I finally got to see one in the act and took a few photos. So enjoy more of the photos at Flickr.com. You can also see the Praying Mantis that was close by to try and catch the locust in it vulnerable state.

One Response

  1. That is a Cicada. I used to call them Locust too, lots of people do. But one day i happened across a picture on the internet that said different , so i looked into it.

    A locust is more like a large grass hopper, Who knew!.

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