Change Over

As you may have read, I purchased my first home recently and have started making some minor changes. Last week I started changing my mailing address with every company I have an account with that is mailed to my current address.

It was all very simply. All my miles and points programs were very easy to change. All my credit cards and other accounts were easy to change with a minor confirmation. Even easier was changing the address to my drivers licence online at Tennessee Drivers Services with a renewal fee. Of course, you know they could not all be easy. I had one difficult one and am still waiting on that one.

Yes, you guessed it. Time Warner which was bad before now replaced by Comcast. They took about 5 very long phone calls before someone was even able to get me set up in the system. You would not believe how many times I had to repeat the same information. Even after the 5 calls I will not even be able to be hooked up until May 12th. All in all it will have taken me over 4 weeks to get hooked up.

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