So I started my new job about a month ago and everything so far is going pretty good. I got to visit 2 of our mills. In the process of learning my day in and day out task I will also be taking some additional training.

I have signed up to take APICS training to try and learn all I can about Supply Chain Processes. I have to attend 6 classes and have already attended one. So far everything seems pretty simple. We will see how everything goes when I complete the class and take a test in 6 weeks.

IV Cocktail

Ever have an old roll of film that was never developed until a few years later. Well, that recently happened to my brother Francisco. He found about 5 rolls of film and just had them developed. Some of those rolls dated back to the year 2000. I thumbed through them and found some interesting shots.

A few years ago, he went to Peru to go to Cuzco and got a little altitude sickness or ate something bad. Below is a photo of him in the Cuzco hospital enjoying a nice IV Cocktail.

Photo Scanning

I am going to try and start scanning all the families old photos from years past. I know I mentioned a while ago in regards to looking for a company to scan all the photos, but the cost is not really worth it right now. Of course, it may take me a few weeks to scan every photo the family has in the old format. The tough part will be how to sort all the photos.

Keep an eye open at flickr.com. Unfortunately, not all photos will be posted. Not all family members want their photos online.

Road to a house

This afternoon I took the first step to getting a house. I had an appointment to check out a crib for sale. Overall the house did not look bad. It did have lots of wood paneling, which I would for sure get rid of and replace with drywall. Of course, there are a few other things I would change if I were to get this house. Below is a small list.

-Remove carpets and take advantage of the wood floors.
-Remove all wood paneling over time.
-Landscape the front yard. It needs a little work.
-Turn closed in garage back into a functional garage.
-Remove all wallpaper.
-New fence around the back yard.
-Change all outlets and light switches
-Change all light fixtures.

So as you can see it does not need much money put into it, it just needs a some work.

However, this is just the first house and I will need to keep looking around.

Random Krakow Photo

Here is a photo I came across from my last trip to Krakow, Poland in January 2006. It is a head statue located in the Rynek Glowny. Most tourist like myself will get inside and have their pictures taken inside peaking out. Bad part is that those drunk at night figure it is their public toilet. So be careful walking in as you never know what you will set in while in there. Lucky me I saw the mess inside and avoided stepping in it.


I usually wait months for movies to hit Netflix before watching a movie. Right now, there are 2 movies I can’t wait to see at the movie theatre. It’s not that I don’t like watching movies at the theatre, it just that I refuse to pay close to $10 to sit in uncomfortable seats for almost 2 hours. I could rent movies for a few bucks and watch them on my nice comfortable couch. and take breaks without missing good parts of the movie. The other benefit is that I do not have to hear the constant chatter or ringing phones by other movie goers, not to mention snacks are at my fingertips.

The first movie is Black Snake Moan. It just seems like a very original movie. Not one of those recycled movie plots.

The second movie which is technically 2 movies in one is Grindhouse,which seems to be another original movie by the Tarantino/Rodriquez duo. This has 2 movies “Planet Terror” and “Death Proof”. Movie industry folks are trying to get Taratino/Rodriquez to split the movies completely so they can get twice the cash. I hope the greed doesn’t take over.