Road to a house

This afternoon I took the first step to getting a house. I had an appointment to check out a crib for sale. Overall the house did not look bad. It did have lots of wood paneling, which I would for sure get rid of and replace with drywall. Of course, there are a few other things I would change if I were to get this house. Below is a small list.

-Remove carpets and take advantage of the wood floors.
-Remove all wood paneling over time.
-Landscape the front yard. It needs a little work.
-Turn closed in garage back into a functional garage.
-Remove all wallpaper.
-New fence around the back yard.
-Change all outlets and light switches
-Change all light fixtures.

So as you can see it does not need much money put into it, it just needs a some work.

However, this is just the first house and I will need to keep looking around.


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