No Sashimi for you.

Like many people, I was very skeptical about eating Sushi for the first time. Now it is one of my favorite meals. Of course, I won’t eat any of the raw stuff. I am a cooked sushi fan. No Sashimi for me. I have been eating Sushi for way over 4 years and have a long list of favorites and am willing to give almost any sushi a try. Below are some of my favorites.

Artic Roll
Blues Club
California Roll
Crunchy Crab
Crunchy Shrimp
House Cucumber Roll
Lobster Roll
Philly Roll
Rock n Roll
Sekisui Roll
Mi Mi
Tornado (no spice)
Shrimp Nigiri
Cucumber Roll
Vegetable Roll

I would be willing on making my own Sushi to save some cash, but I still have not mastered the rice. I did take Sushi Classes at Viking with instructor Jimmy Ishii a few years ago with Tony Roy. Only part I did not like about the class is that the Sushi Rice was already prepared and you were not really shown how to make it. The only thing they gave you was a recipe.

Hopefully, I will master making sushi in the near future.

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