Things all cars should have.

After seeing a few reviews on some of the extra features on cars I decided to come up with my own list of things that should be standard on every vehicle. Not listed in any particular order are my choices for extras that really should be standard on every car.

So if you think anything else needs to be added feel free to comment.

Heated Seats (for those in cold locations)
Cooling Seats (for those in the south)
4 wheel drive/All wheel drive
Air bags (front drive, passenger and side)
Drink holders that keep your beverages cool or warm
Drink Cooler in dash. (I saw that feature on a Dodge vehicle)
Blue Tooth Technology
AC Outlet (for special electronics)
Full size spare tire
100+ MPG

Trick or Treat

Yes, I dressed up for Halloween and it was the same outfit as last year with on addition to the costume. Zoom in on that belt. I try to add at least one article of clothing to the outfit every year. True it is not very original, but it sure saves on spending too much money every year.

Wonder what I can add next year.

Nico’s First Halloween

Last night I went over to see Nico to see him in his Halloween costume. He was dressed up as a mini lobster. I know I probably had a death grip on him, but I have not gotten used to holding him 100% yet.