New England Eats

Last week I spent some time in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The good part is that I was able to eat in a few restaurants I would probably not find here in Memphis, TN.

So, on Wednesday November 1st I asked my sales rep to pick a restaurant that I would not find in Memphis, TN. He searched the hotel restaurant guide and was able to find one called The Yard. The food was actually pretty good. I have 2 steak filets with some lobster claws, lobster bruschetta, and a huge salad.

The next morning we started with some customer visit in Concord, NH to visit Concord Litho to tour their printing plant. It was a nice tour a great to be able to see the end result of some of our products. After walking around for a bit got us a little hungry so we stopped to get a bite to eat.

On our way to our next stop to Unisource in Southborough, MA we stopped by Uno Chicago Grill for lunch. I got a salad with Low Fat Blueberry Pomegranate Vinaigrette, which I must say was very good. I am usually a ranch or Italian dressing kind of guy, but not anymore. I also got a Chicago style pizza which was ok, but a little too greasy for me.

Once all the visits were over we headed to Legal Seafoods with a few customer we visited earlier. I had a salad with some raspberry vinaigrette, which was almost as good as the dressing at Uno Chicago Grill. I also got something I have been craving for over 2 years when I last visited the area. I am talking about a Lobster Roll. I had never had one before, but heard good things about it. It was very good, but not what I was expecting.

All in all dining experience in the New England area was great. Thanks to my sales rep to staying away from restaurants that are located here in Memphis, TN.

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