Today I headed down to the Polls and took my 5 minutes to vote. My location was at Temple Israel here in Memphis, TN. I walked in signed the paperwork grabbed the new RFID type card, headed to the small booth, inserted the card and voted. It took me about 5 minutes to vote, 10 if you include parking and walking into the place. The bad part about the booth is that there really isn’t the privacy there once was when their was a curtain that surrounded you.

Either way, I voted and did my part. At least it is not like Peru. In Peru you are required to vote and get fined. If you are traveling you need to do the absentee ballot to avoid the fine. Of course, if everyone actually voted the outcome to most elections would be really interesting.

The reason I think many people don’t vote in the US is because they do not want to be on the Jury Duty list. Take that away and more people will probably vote. Who doesn’t hate jury duty. They should actually make those that do not vote be put on jury duty list.

I look forward to the day that we will be able to vote online. I am sure more people will vote if this were the case. Employers would ensure that you took a 15 min break and bring in some donuts just to make sure you vote.

Below are some photos of my booth.

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