La Caja China

A while ago I posted about a Rotisserie Grill, but the price was way to high. So doing a little more searching and watching a little more Food TV I was able to find a good inexpensive replacement. This is a pretty good alternative, plus it also has a rotisserie piece that can be added to it.

For more information go to La Caja China.


A few trips ago while in Krakow, Poland a co-worker named Jim M. mentioned that everyone should get a pedicure. He said once you get one, you will want to get one all the time. I was hesitant when he told me about it as I thought it was a little too Metrosexual.

So today with plenty of time on my hands since I took the day off I decided to give it a try. I swung by Regal Nails inside the Wal-Mart on Germantown Road around 2pm. I walked in and asked for a Pedicure. The Asian lady asked me to have a seat and I did. I soaked my feet in some warm water. After that she started clipping and scrubbing my feet. Too my surprise, my feet did not require as much scrubbing as I expected. The best part of the whole visit was the 10-20 minute foot/calf massage. So good, that I almost fell asleep.

Would I do this again? Would I recommend a Pedicure? Am I now a Metrosexual?

The answers to the above are yes, yes, and maybe.

Happy Birthday to me.

Today, in honor or my 34th birthday I have taken the day off to take a break.

Years Old

Mini, Mini Ipod

Well, we all figured that the Nano was not the last attempt by Apple to go smaller. They have and it is the new iPod Shuffle. The Nano was also improved by making it look like the old iPod Mini.

Of course, this reminds me of the skit on Saturday Night Live a while ago where they made fun of the iPod and Apple. The actually skit can be found Here.

Swanky Salad

Just to show you how Swanky Pod Roza was the other night. Check out the below salad presentation. The actual bowl is part of a head of lettuce and the lemon vinaigrette was incredible.

Dad’s Birthday

Something else missed while I was in Krakow, Poland was my dads birthday on September 4, 2006. My mom surprised my dad by having a small little party and hiring a Mariachi Band to play for him. Of course, this is not the first time this has been done by the Bertorini family.

My dad actually did the same for my mom a while back. Of course he waited until she was asleep to have them come and serenade her. She woke up in a panic, but enjoyed it.

So below is a foto of my dad with the Mariachi band sipping on a shot of Pisco.

Ball Juggler

While walking in Krakow Saturday, September 2nd I caught a glimpse of this guy juggling a soccer ball for donations. I kid you not that this guy did not drop the ball once. That ball had to have hit every part of his body.