I currently own both and that redirect to the page you are now viewing. I have considered using to be the family web page both in the USA, Peru, and anywhere else. I am even tempted to set up a special Flickr account to where the entire family can post their fotos.

So what would be considered family for the web page. Anyone married to a Bertorini.

Questions I ask myself.

Would it be in Spanish or English and/or both?
Would would be able to post to the page?
Is this more than I can chew?

Not difficult questions to ask, but questions that need to be asked.

If you have other questions I need to ponder, please let me know.

Dance like Dynamite

Learn to dance by going to Albino Black Sheep. You pick the song and which move you want to practice.

You in a game.

Don’t have all the cash to spend and put yourself in a video game. Well, look no further.

Go to D. Lux Productions and add your favorite photo to 1 out of 3 games.

Check out My Game that is type of Whack-a-Mole.

I tried to embed the same on my blog, but had no luck. Maybe I will be able to figure something out another day.

I had my cake and ate it too.

I brought a Polish tradition back to Memphis, TN for my birthday. It all happened on September 15th, a day after my birthday as I had the day off on my birthday. In Poland the birthday person buys a cake or treat for their team to enjoy. So on my way to work on September 15th, I stopped by the Fresh Market to pick up an Empire State Chocolate Cake. This cake was chocked full of chocolate; chocolate chips, chocolate frosting, and chocolate cake.

Where the buffalo don’t roam.

This weekend, I was driving through Shelby Farms on Farm Road when I caught something out the the corner of my eye. Normally I look over toward the buffalo as they are usually next to the fence. Well, what I saw yesterday, September 16th was not a pleasant sight. What I actually saw was one of the 2-3 baby buffaloes laying on the ground. I stopped to get a better look to see if it was breathing or moving and no I did not go over the fence.

Bad news was that one of the baby buffaloes was now dead. I made a quick u-turn and made my way to the rangers station to give them a heads up. They were aware and were working on taking care of the deceased calf.

Good News. The baby buffolo is not dead. I just received an email from the Shelby Farms

Thanks so much for your concern for our buffalo. They happen to be my
favorite part of the park, and I was very upset to hear that one of our
babies might be sick.

I called today to make sure they were all
OK, and the Visitor Center has confirmed that all buffalo are accounted for and
alright. Apparently, they often lie down to sun themselves, sometimes for
quite a while!

A lady in the park superintendent’s office assured
me that the rangers would continue to go bye and check on the babies frequently
since one was lying down suspiciously this weekend. However, they are
all doing alright today.

Onion Soup

Tonight I made some Onion Soup. I snatched my recipe from Food TV. It turned out pretty good for my first try. Not as good as some of the onion soups I have had in Krakow, Poland but it was a good attempt.

Feed the baby.

Yes, that is me feeding little Nico, my nephew, last night on September 15, 2006. Had more pictures, but this was the only one that was not blurry.