Sunflower Seeds

I love eating sunflower seeds, but have not really been able to find any here in Krakow, Poland until I walked into theStary Kleparz last Saturday, August 26th. Sunflowers seed are actually sold on the flowers themselves and they are huge. One Flower is easily bigger than my head.

Below is a photo to show how big they are and how they are sold.

View from Hotel Stary – Restauracja

Prior to dinner, the training team and I headed to Hotel Stary – Restaurant to have some cocktails. We sat there for one round, but that was not the best part. The best part was actually the view from the roof top restaurant/bar where you had a perfect view of St. Marys Church. The ambiance and view is definitely worth making your way to this hotel.

My last and final caricature

Here is a caricature I had done while in Krakow, Poland. I meant to actually get a photo of the guy doing the caricature. Maybe I will see him on the way back to the hotel.

Here are some links to the previous caricatures.

First Caricature

Second Caricature

Third Caricature pictured below.

Croc Hunter Dies

I just found out that that crazy man the “Crocodile Hunter” died Monday off the Barrier Reef. He was killed by a Stingray with a barb to the heart. The positive part is that he did die doing something he enjoyed.

More can be found at Yahoo News.